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  • 5 retailer tips for low cost product videos and ‘how to’ videos

    By Jonathan Booth, The Internet Video Company

    With customer engagement now so key in attracting, converting and retaining consumers, low cost video is playing a key part by offering a vital, and very powerful medium with which to communicate with them. Watch here.

    People want to watch video – it’s easier than reading, more info, excitement and inspiration can be packed into the 30 seconds they allow you than any other medium, and they are so familiar with consuming video in every other aspect of their lives.  Watch here.

    Online, Product Videos and How To Videos are now essential – to showcase products and services in the way consumers want, and to offer personally-delivered ‘real’ How To and advice, and to bring the in store experience to the online store, so customers can more realistically rehearse the buying decision, and the brand can shorten it.

    In store, video adds movement, excitement, consistency of brand and advice, and a hugely powerful tool for store colleagues to improve their ability to impart knowledge, and most importantly to sell both store SKUs and wider web stock.

    But how to get the great videos you need –  and at a low enough cost to deliver best ROI?

    Here are 5 great Tips: Watch here

    1. STORY
      Make sure you really engage your viewer. Hook them, inform them, inspire them, make them lean forward and feel how you can improve their life – even a little bit!
    2. STYLE
      Choose a feel that’s right for your brand, but keep it light, conversational, no nonsense – remember, video should be like a word-of-mouth recommendation from a mate.
    3. SNACK
      It’s got to be digestible, and that (usually) means short! Studies are showing that shorter means more effective, so distill, hone, cut, edit and whisk until the main message is light and tasty – you can always put a list of more detailed benefits at the end.
    4. SEE
      They can’t watch it if they don’t know it’s there! Visitors aren’t always expecting you to have a video, so you have to shout a bit – not a tiny little unclear button tucked away lower down, but a nice big red PLAY button, over your hero image, like YouTube’s.
    5. SHARE
      It’s also no good having video unless you share it – not just on your product page, but on every social outlet you use, plus emailouts, in store, QR codes on packaging – everywhere.

    And finally……

    It CAN be done at Low Cost!

    Product films and How Tos can be made at surprisingly low cost. Your advertising agency often won’t want to do them, because it’s hard to do well at low cost, but it’s absolutely possible if you work smart. And then it becomes affordable for hundreds or even thousands of SKUs to each have their own powerful selling video.  And to make useful How To and Advice videos to enhance brand loyalty.

    Jonathan Booth is an expert in video and audio creation for retail, both in store and online. As MD of The Internet Video Company, he’s created thousands of films and audio pieces for major brands like Aldi, Harveys, Bensons, Konica Minolta, Draper Tools, Cuisinart and more.  He knows what engages customers and inspires them to purchase and remain loyal, whether it’s product videos, how to videos, lifestyle films and so on.

    Contact Jonathan at 01962 736666 or jb@theIVC.com.


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