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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Directed work for the seamless retail experience

    Your storefront is facing strong competition from online retailers who can get their products into the hands of your customer faster than ever before.

    You need to deliver a five-star customer experience and seamless, error-free omnichannel services with fewer store associates and more and more products to stock on the shelves. And you need to find an edge over online competitors.

    We believe brick and mortar retailers can beat the competition using their biggest advantage: the local storefront. There’s still no online substitute for actually seeing, inspecting and buying a product in person: no waiting, or questions about quality, or fit.

    Today’s successful retailers have adapted to offer the best of both worlds: online ordering capabilities with delivery via a distributed network, where and when the consumer wants. This could be ship-to-store / click-and-collect, or home delivery via a local storefront, or simply checking stock and pricing before making a purchase in store.

    In this omnichannel storefront, order fulfilment processes are increasingly complex as retailers take on their new role of an e-commerce fulfilment centre.

    Retail associates can deliver a five-star customer experience online and in store without standing behind a screen or terminal – they are in the aisles and face-to-face with the customer with real-time order information, stock availability, ship-to-store order information and more.

    To find out how, visit Honeywell Connected Retail.


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