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Industry Spotlight: Free loyalty app service for ‘Brexit-threatened’ retail and restaurant businesses…

Actively progressing with its future in the competitive field of mobile consumer technology after raising £190,000 via angel investors to develop its ‘proximity engagement’ technology, the mobile start-up, Wallet Circle, is redefining its business model post-Brexit; inviting retail businesses of all sizes to join its loyalty app free of charge.

The company, which was founded in 2014 and has an estimated 100 retail customers ranging from The Savanna to Whitworth Pharmacy, has announced it will set up a customised mobile loyalty card and supply an iBeacon – acting as a digital version of an ink-stamp – together with business cards and flyers for free and is eligible to all retail, restaurant and café businesses in the UK.

Co-founder of Wallet Circle, Manas Abichandani, commented: “Wallet Circle is adapting to the changing economic times. We understand that businesses both big and small have become more cautious and will only invest in new technology when there is a definite ROI. In response, we have decided to let businesses join our loyalty app for free so they can grow their user base with no risk and no obligation.”

He continued: “Only once they see lots of their customers using Wallet Circle’s app, and believe in its potential, they can choose to upgrade to our premium tier, which starts from £25 a month, to help them engage with these users.”

Nonetheless, Abichandani expressed that retailers should not feel required to sign up to the premium service: “We obviously hope that retailers will recognise the value of customer insight and the means to act upon it but we will not force retailers to upgrade. Regardless, as a paperless loyalty card, businesses can make tangible savings on design and print as well as doing their bit for the environment.”

According to the company, this new approach has generated substantial traction and is attracting new business customers weekly, including restaurant and café chain Benugo, which is said to be trialing Wallet Circle’s app to provide loyalty cards in its London outlets.

Wallet Circle is currently available via the app store for iPhone and Android.


To get started with Wallet Circle, click here