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Made by Prosper crafts Warings flagship furniture store

Retail design agency Made by Prosper has created a new identity, retail interior and brand experience for furniture manufacturer Warings’ new location at Westlegate in the centre of Norwich.

By consolidating Warings at Home and Warings Café into one cohesive offering, customers can now relax over a coffee while mulling over potential purchases. Made by Prosper says the approach blurs the lines between observing and experiencing a store and creates a seamless customer experience.

Strategic-led ideas such as cross-selling and zoning areas have been designed to reinforce the retail design concept, ‘focusing on the product as the hero’. Made by Prosper says the boutique feel gives Warings customers a sense of discovery, with a journey that connects the café with the homeware on the upper levels and increases dwell time.

The old section of the heritage building links to the new half with a cohesive aesthetic that juxtaposes authentic old materials and traditional character against clean contemporary finishes.

Downsizing from a much larger store, space-saving ideas and clever use of the building’s architectural quirks help to maximise room in Waring’s smaller new home. Inventive, modular display systems double up as storage, and can be repurposed as visual merchandising stands and window displays.

Client Rachel Waring said, “We are very proud of our beautiful new store and have been delighted by its success. Throughout the design and delivery process Prosper staff have been charming efficient and have delivered on all their promises. They have exceeded my expectations, which is not very easy as I have very high levels of expectation. The Lifestore is now thriving, with plans to expand this new business model to other locations in East Anglia.”

Prosper’s other clients include Primark, Transport for London, intu Shopping Centres and Sainsbury’s, along with independent retailers such as Warings, Love Koffee, 1855 Wine Bar Bistro and Haresfoot Brewery.