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Yankee Candle teams up with Toshiba for service revamp

Yankee Candle is preparing to deploy 1,400 Toshiba systems across stores in order to future-proof its business.

As it modernises its retail offering, the leading candle company will transform its point of sale with the Toshiba TCxWave.

“As the most recognized brand in the candle business, we are delighted,” said Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions’ US head of sales VP, Bill Campbell, who believes Toshiba will help Yankee Candles deliver “enriched shopping experiences for their customers, as well as a frictionless checkout.”

The technology offers a versatile design, and gesture touch-based screens, and will be set up across stores in the United States as well as Britain.

“We selected Toshiba’s [point of sale] solutions to support our new retail infrastructure,” explained Dave Harris, vice president of IT at Yankee Candle, who chose the company due to the “unique design, durability, product road map and ability to strengthen our customer engagement.”

Yankee Candle currently sells its products across 35,000 stores worldwide, but is hoping that further improvements to their own stores will encourage more customers to shop direct.