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Mobile shopping search ‘is retail’s biggest opportunity for improvement’

Users clicking Google Shopping ads on their mobile phones represents the largest single source of visitors for retailers, according to FoundIt’s latest in depth ‘Shopping Behaviour’ report, accounting for nearly 25% of all sessions across direct, paid and shopping search traffic.

However, the retail software specialist warns that mobile search is the most the fickle channel by far, with as much as 83% of traffic bouncing straight out the door or viewing as little as 2 and half pages before quitting.

FoundIt analysed 66 million shopping sessions between May and June, looking at how different types of traffic on different devices panned out for retailers in an attempt to identify where retailers are suceeding and underperforming.

Key findings in the report include:

  • Shopping search on mobile is retail’s largest single source of traffic by far
  • Shopping search on mobile also has the highest bounce rates as high as 83%­
  • 51% of sales of from paid channels happened on mobile
  • Non-branded search activity on mobile device is retail’s poorest converter
  • The mobile experience sees shoppers who move past the first page drop by nearly 30% compared with desktop

Warren Cowan, CEO & Founder at FoundIt, said: “Given the size of this segment and the sheer volume of lost opportunity within it, there are clearly huge amounts of additional opportunity that can be realised from improving the mobile experience at the product page level, and retailers who prioritise this will likely see some of the quickest and most significant gains in their sales this year.”