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H&M Group’s pay gap below the UK national average

H&M Group has revealed that its mean pay gap is 8% – lower than both the UK average of 7.4% and the retail industry’s average of 16.4%.

The Sweden-based company added that its median pay gap came in at 3.9%, compared to a UK average of 18.4% and retail industry average of 9.3%.

The data is based on an analysis it carried out in April last year – a time when it employed 9,907 people in the UK, comprised of 7746 women and 2161 men.

H&M says this breakdown is reflected in the results, rather than the men and women it employs being paid at different rates to do the same job.

Retailers generally are attempting to balance their workforce pay and are publishing data ahead of new regulations that come into effect in April that will compel any firm in the UK with more than 250 employees to publish salary details publicly.