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i.LEVEL launches new Customer Returns Section

UK fashion wholesale and concessions software specialist i.LEVEL has launched its new Customer Returns Section, designed specifically to help fashion brands deal with ever increasing volumes of customer returns.

The new service covers wholesale retailers as well as ecommerce and offers a full returns capability.

A key advantage is that it lets fashion brands identify individual customers alongside the reason for each item’s return. This is important in order to detect whether the problem rests with the consumer (in terms of garment size and personal preferences) rather than a fault with the item itself at the source of production.

If found faulty, i.LEVEL’s Customer Returns Section allocates it directly back to the factory concerned.

Another feature is a reporting structure which lets a fashion brand analyse hundreds of returns in one data sweep. This helps identify key patterns in returns and empowers a fashion brand to quickly implement solutions especially if one single supplier is at fault.

Leif Roenn, CEO of i.LEVEL, says: “High levels of customer returns have been near the top of fashion brands’ list of concerns for a number of years now and the problem has got a lot worse with the huge growth in fashion ecommerce.

“Fashion experiences the highest rate of returns across any industry, with 57% of online shoppers returning clothing in the last 12 months. Our solution will help fashion brands address this issue, not least because it records the reasons behind a return and allows brands to rectify production errors sooner rather than later.”