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One Stop trumpets influencer success

Convenience store chain One Stop says it smashed its engagement targets on Instagram by working with a team of lifestyle influencers.

The chain, which has more than 950 stores across the country, wanted to highlight the accessibility and quality of its Own Label ranges – specifically their frozen food – and worked with a small group of influencers, challenging them to create meals and post them on their Instagram feeds in order to inspire others.

Working with marketing technology specialist Relatable, the chain says the campaign surpassed its targets of a three per cent engagement rate.

Head of Marketing at One Stop, Nigel Prendergast, said: “We recently launched our Instagram account as a platform to showcase a range of mouth-watering recipes featuring tasty ingredients from our Own Label range.

“Through Instagram we’ve been able to successfully create high street ‘heroes’ from our 450 ‘Own Label’ products, with shoppers invited to join the One Stop team for ways to enjoy quick and healthy meals, kitchen ‘hacks’ and shopper shortcuts.

“In order to explore new ways to harness the influence of Instagram even more, we decided to engage further with communities where our stores are based and trial working with 10 hand picked influencers. Their brief? To create high-quality content that was authentic to their feeds and would resonate well with their followers.

“These influencers were able to perfectly highlight, through their own hands-on approach, the convenience of being able to create delicious meals using One Stop’s Own Label ingredients and the results have been outstanding.”

The select brand ambassadors – chosen for their high engagement rates – set to work posting one to two high quality images of their meals to their feeds, achieving an engagement rate of 3.15 per cent through their genuine and quality content.

Five of the influencers also created ‘Instagram Stories’, highlighting the ‘behind the scenes’ footage of using and creating a meal with One Stop products, focusing primarily on the Own Label frozen food range. The stories were watched by almost 90 per cent of the channel’s audience, which is 40 per cent more than the average story on Instagram.

In total, the campaign outperformed reach by 18% and was seen by 1.25m users on Instagram, increasing awareness of the brand significantly across the channel.