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Brits to spend seven times their weekly grocery budget on festive food

Brits are likely to go Christmas bonkers on festive indulgences this year, spending an average of £166 per person on groceries for the period, more than seven times the average weekly spend on household food and drinks.

According to research from Give As You Live, London leads the charge, with an average spend of £199 per person. Bristol comes close to the top spot with £188 per person, just edging ahead of Southampton on £187 per person.

Aberdeen makes the top five position, with the average person spending £181 per person on festive food.

Nottingham and Norwich are more modest when it comes to spending on food, with both cities spending an average of £122 per person, the lowest spend of the cities surveyed.

The survey also revealed that men are likely to want a few more pigs in blankets than women, as they are expected to splash out an average of £177 per person on food during the festive season, above women’s £154 per person.

The research also revealed that Brits will change their usual shopping habits based on Christmas advertising influencing the way they shop, with 44% saying that adverts will help them decide where to buy Christmas goodies from.

Online recipes (37%), cooking TV programmes (29%), and videos on Facebook and YouTube (18%) are also top sources of inspiration when it comes to Christmas shopping.

Greg Hallett, managing director at Give as you Live, said: “Whether it’s cooking for the family on Christmas day, eating out with friends or hosting festive dinner parties, food at Christmas time brings people together.

“But it is also expensive, which is why it’s important to budget and plan during the festive season, such as with pre-paid grocery cards, online deals, and bulk buying. These can all help keep the costs down and ensure everyone can enjoy indulging without worrying about the cost too much.”