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Lush staff to make German move in light of Brexit vote…

According to a number of reports, the Brexit vote has prompted the UK handmade cosmetics retailer, Lush, to move its staff to Germany following the possibility of an uncertain future following the Brexit vote.

With the company claiming to have expanded production at its Dusseldorf factory for the European market, Lush initially announced the relocation plans back in June; saying it would look at safeguarding all sales, multinational workforce and production by moving these operations to the continent.

A spokesperson for Lush said in a statement: “While this was always the plan – to make products for Europe in Europe (alongside our Croatian factory) – the reality of the Brexit vote has meant we have done it with a bullet. Many of our staff still have uncertainties about what the Brexit deal will mean for them and continue to wait anxiously for this to be revealed.”

Nine staff members have already made the move to Dusseldorf, and a further nine are expected follow suit in the near future.