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Accept Card Payments offers free and independent payment solutions advice

UK-based payment solution provider Accept Card payments (ACP) has announced the launch of its new card payment advisory service, available to UK businesses of all sizes across all markets, free of charge.

The service from ACP is designed to enable businesses across the country to begin accepting card payments, removing the barriers that often discourage some business owners from adding cards to the operation model, such as lack of understanding of the fee structure, confusion over merchant type or knowing where to begin.

ACP provides a free and independent advisory service to match businesses with the right accounts to meet their specific needs.

With the continued rise of online retail and businesses having a mobile presence, adding cards to existing payment methods has become event more important, with statistics showing that adding card options see on average an initial sales increase of 20-25%.

Cards provide a safer and more trusted option, but also opens up the possibilities of mail, telephone and online sales opportunities.

Managing Director John Higgins said: “Our advisory service will cut through the confusion for our clients and provide them with independent advice to help them start accepting card payments sooner. Being independent, we’re committed to the highest levels of customer services and pride ourselves on our expertise in this niche.

“Our research found a considerable number of businesses are actually running poorly matched, and in some cases, totally unsuitable merchant accounts. This means paying higher rates for card services and losing out on potential profit. We can also help businesses in these situations to switch to a tailored package for a better deal all round.”